Upcoming Trainings

Upcoming Training:

“…it’s obvious (that Jeff) has been doing this awhile and has a passion for teaching, and finding effective ways to prepare students.   While there was an incredible amount of information crammed into a week’s time, the way the program/class was designed, presented and organized, and the methods Jeff used and encouraged us to utilize to prepare for the exam, were a huge help.    It was one of the better classes I have taken, and one that I actually enjoyed – which makes learning that much easier.” - Brian L. Wayne County Airport Authority


AAAE ACE Security Training Course 

When: July 15-18

Where: Alexandria VA

AAAE and Jeff Price are pleased to present the ACE-Airport Security Training Course to be held July 15-18, 2014, in Alexandria, VA. Individuals seeking to receive Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) training and to prepare for the ACE-Airport Security proficiency exam should take this course. This program is carefully designed for aviation personnel tasked with security responsibilities from the airport, air carrier, indirect air carrier and general aviation sectors. The content of the body of knowledge contains a blend of U.S. and international regulatory advisory information that is intended to establish a baseline of aviation security knowledge for professionals working in this dynamic environment. When you understand the roles of your peers in other aviation security sectors, you could increase your overall effectiveness, coordination and response in maintaining the safest airport environment possible.

Airport/Aviation Security Personnel Directors/Managers
Airport Security Coordinators
Airport Operations Personnel
Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)

The ACE-Security Training Course is a 3.5 day program and provides a comprehensive review of the ACE-Security modules in preparation for the 100 multiple choice examination on the last day of the course. The content of the body of knowledge contains a blend of U.S. and international regulatory advisory information that is intended to establish a baseline of aviation security knowledge for professionals working in this dynamic environment.

Individuals who register for this training course and wish to take the exam on the last day to potentially earn the ACE, must also be enrolled into the ACE-Security program. It is encouraged that candidates who attend this review course thoroughly review the ACE-Security modules prior to the first day of the course.

This course meets CFR 49 Part 1542.3 (Airport Security Coordinator) and individuals who attend this review course will also receive the Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) certificate..

All business sessions will take place at the AAAE Conference Center, 601 Madison Street, Third Floor, Alexandria, VA 22314, phone (703) 824-0504. The course will begin with registration and continental breakfast at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, July 15, and will end with an exam at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, July 18. Registration fees include four continental breakfasts, three lunches, coffee/refreshment breaks, all handouts and the optional examination. Dress is business casual (no ties).

For more info on the course as well as to register please check out the event website.


Power Trainers: For those in the aviation industry that want to become more effective leaders.

Are you providing the most up-to-date information in an impactful way to your adult learners?

We all want to look good in front of our peers. Anyone who has ever trained or presented anything, wants to make an impression and wants to add value. In fact, if you’re like most trainers, you were the guy or girl in the office who was a subject-matter expert, or had an inclination to teach, and you were given the task without the formal training in how to actually be an effective trainer. Maybe you can put together a killer PowerPoint but how do you know if you’re training is actually getting the results you want?
The Power Trainers workshop will guarantee that you are training the right things right.


What you will get:

  • Effective preparation and selecting the right blend of instructional tools
  • How adults learn and how it’s completely different than high school
  • Introduction to using audience response systems, and effective use of games
  • Incorporating scenario based training into your existing programs
  • Use of presentational aids, media and slide design, and workbook design
  • Handling disaster when it all goes wrong
  • The Secret of the aviation management industry’s top trainer

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Airport Security Course for Part 139 Personnel: Can you predict and prevent future threats? … Yes, you can.


This course represents a unique opportunity for operations and maintenance personnel to learn the best practices and procedures to predict and prevent future threats.

What you will learn:

  • Airfield patrol techniques used by professional security officers and police officers to detect suspicious activities and anomalies before they can become serious issues
  • TSA inspection hot buttons – learn what the inspectors look for so you can spot the problems before they do
  • ICAO security audit guidance from the perspective of airport operations and maintenance personnel – learn what 188 countries from around the world know about securing an airport
  • Who’s who in airport security; there are many players including TSA, airport management, airline management, Customs and Border Protection, the FBI, DEA, ATF, and others
  • Information from a special presentation on behavioral assessment and early warning signs of danger
  • The ins and outs of the various layers of security, including the areas you probably never think about until it’s too late
  • Incident command response to terrorist incidents, including a special segment addressing first responders to terrorism that discusses specific existing and future threats, plus a special presentation by a former TSA Bomb Appraisal Officer
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